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Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 


Course Duration: 2 Years 6 Months
Programme Introduction 课程简介

The programme started since 2004 and we have established a distinguished reputation in teaching electronics engineering courses to diploma and bachelor students throughout the Southern region of Malaysia. Our department has been a source of graduates tailored to meet the nation's demands. This feat is achieved through meticulous design and periodic refinement of our course curricula, ensuring they consistently adhere to the exacting standards set forth by ETAC and MQA.

此课程于2004年开跑,我们向马来西亚南部地区的文凭生和学士生教授电子工程课程方面建立了卓越的声誉。我们的科系一直是满足国家需求的毕业生来源。这是通过精心设计和定期完善我们的课程来实现的,确保课程始终遵守马来西亚工程技术认证委员会(ETAC) 和马来西亚资格认证机构(MQA) 制定的严格标准。

Courses 课程

Core Modules 主修科目

  • C++ Programming C++程式语言

  • Technical Mathematics 技术数学

  • Calculus I 微积分 I

  • Calculus II 微积分 II

  • Engineer and Society 工程师与社会


Concentration module 专科科目

  • Digital Techniques I 数码电子I

  • Digital Techniques II 数码电子II

  • Microprocessors 微处理器

  • Physics I 物理 I

  • Physics II 物理II

  • Electric Circuits I 电路学I

  • Electric Circuits II 电路学II

  • Electronics I 电子学I

  • Electronics II 电子学II

  • Project & Practice I 毕业专题制作 I

  • Project & Practice II 毕业专题制作 II

  • Software application & Simulations

  • 软件应用与模拟 I

  • PLCs 可编程式逻辑控制器

  • Power Electronics and Electric Machines 电力电子和电机


University College Elective 大学选修科

  • General English 通用英语

  • Communicative English 交际英语

  • Fundamentals of Management 管理基础

  • Basic Power System 基本电力系统

  • Basic Chinese/ Introduction to Chinese Culture 基础中文/中国文化概论


Industrial Training 工业实习

Programme Information

Entry Requirements 入学资格

Activities and Achievements 活动与教研成果

Career Opportunities 就业机会

SUC Website 南院网站

Teaching Facilities 教学设施 

Programme Inquiry 课程询问

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