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Bachelor of Electronic Engineering with Honours 


Course Duration: 4 Years
Programme Introduction 课程简介

If you aspire to expand your horizons in the realm of electronics engineering and envision a future as a capable engineer, this program is tailored for you! Our prime objective is to equip students with the essential tools to analyze, design, handle practical projects, and master problem-solving abilities. By doing so, our graduates emerge with a comprehensive understanding and the prowess to seamlessly transition into the workforce, confidently tackling the evolving engineering challenges of today.

Our exceptional teaching team comprises seasoned educators, each possessing a Ph.D. or Master's degree, and enriched by extensive teaching, research, and industry experience spanning diverse domains. Notably, some have pursued their research endeavours in prestigious institutions across Europe and the USA. We also have state-of-the-art infrastructure, boasting cutting-edge electronics labs, computer facilities, and a high-technology automation lab. Embracing a small-class teaching approach, we foster intimate student-teacher interactions that nurture a deeper understanding. Lastly, our commitment to providing a conducive teaching and learning environment ensures students receive an education beyond the ordinary




Courses 课程

Common Core 共同主修

  • Engineering Mathematics I 工程数学 I

  • Engineering Mathematics II 工程数学 II

  • Engineering Mathematics III 工程数学 III

  • Physics for Engineering Students 理工科学生物理学


Discipline Core 专业主科

  • Basic Control Theory 基本控制系统理论

  • C Programming C程式语言

  • Digital Electronics  数码电子学

  • Engineer and Society 工程师与社会

  • Digital Signal Processing 数码信号处理学

  • Electric Circuit  电路学

  • Electronic Circuit  电子电路学

  • Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements 电子仪器与测量学   

  • Engineering Economics & Finance 工程经济与金融

  • Engineering Electromagnetic 工程电磁学

  • Engineering Statistics 工程统计学

  • Fundamentals of Telecommunication 电讯基础学

  • Logic System Design 逻辑系统设计

  • Microcontrollers & Microprocessor Systems 微控制器与微处理器系统学

  • Microelectronics 微电子学

  • Basic Power System & Electric Machines 基本电力系统与 电机械

  • Power Electronics 电力电子学

  • Programmable Logic Controllers 可编辑程式逻辑控制器

  • Project & Practice I 毕业专题制作 I

  • Project & Practice II 毕业专题制作 II

  • VLSI System Design 超大规模集成电路系统设计

  • Capstone Project I 顶点项目I

  • Capstone Project II 顶点项目II


Elective Modules 选修科目

  • Artificial Intelligence 人工智能

  • Embedded System Design 嵌入式系统设计

  • Digital Image Processing 数码图像处理

  • Power System Analysis 电力系统分析

  • Power Transmission & Distribution 电力传输与分配

  • Modern Control System 现代控制系统

  • Computer Architecture and IoT 计算机系统结构和物联网

  • Machine Learning with Python 运用 Python机器学习

  • Computer Aided Drawing 电脑辅助绘图

  • Internet Application 互联网应用


Elective Core Modules 必选修课

  • Basic Chinese/ Introduction to Chinese Culture 基础中文/中国文化概论


Industrial Training 工业实习

Programme Information

Entry Requirements 入学资格

Activities and Achievements 活动与教研成果

Career Opportunities 就业机会

SUC Website 南院网站

Teaching Facilities 教学设施 

Programme Inquiry 课程询问

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